Metaline provides ODM and OEM for international brands

Goal focus, professional design and development, tooling expertise and in-house tooling shop, comprehensive quality engineering capability.

BT Headset

Wireless headsets unleash users from their music player. By integrating wi-fi and Bluetooth technologies with edgy mechanical design, we develop wireless headsets with superior sound quality set users.


Noise-cancelling headsets turn any noisy environments into personal silent space anytime, anywhere.. With smart noise detection technology, "active noise cancelling (ANC) headsets" can effectively cancel.

Headset,In ear headphones

We customize different kinds of over-ear, on-ear, in-ear, and rear-wear headphones and earphones that combines fashionable look and superb sound quality.


We have ODM service for TWS. Contact us to check out details.

Game headphones

Gaming headsets feature sensational live effect and crystal clear sound quality. Based on brand customer requirements, we integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) solutions into gaming headsets to deliver powerful bass and 3D surround effect and provide immersive sound in FPS or RPG games.
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